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Did you know that a Muslim scholar has been chosen by Barack Obama to speak at his inaugural prayer service Wednesday, January 21, 2009? Did you know that Ingrid Mattson is the president of the Islamic Society of North America? Did you know the Islamic Society of North America is being investigated for affiliating with terrorists? Federal prosecutors are leading the investigation!

In 2007 and as recently as July 2008, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking the Hartford, Connecticut-based Islamic Society to the group Hamas. Hamas has been shooting rockets into Southern Israel for months. Israel decided to retaliate by sending rockets and their tanks into the Gaza strip. All we saw on the news was how terrible Israel was by reacting to protect herself. How would Texans respond if Mexico shot rockets into its cities day-after-day?

The federal prosecutors wrote in July that they had “a wide array of testimony and documentary evidence expressly linking” the group to Hamas and other radical groups. (The Dallas Morning News).

Did you know that Barack Obama is calling for every item of the Illuminati/Communist program for world government? Example, he said the barriers between Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and all other religions had to be torn down. This means he is calling for a one-world-religion, just like the United Nations has called for, and the Bible predicts! Prophecy is jumping off the TV and newsprint! Are you watching?

Did you know that Barack Obama has called for borders to be erased between the rich and poor countries? He wants everyone to become equal just like International Communism has called for since its inception. Now do we understand why the fence between Mexico and the United States will never be finished? He has called for every fragment of the Socialist program, of which erasing all borders is just one. Are you watching as Jesus said?

Did you know that Barack Obama says he wants to give tax breaks to those earning under $200,000? He then turns around and says we need a gasoline tax that will affect every American – rich and poor! Is this CHANGE or deception – or both? He wants to redistribute the wealth just like Karl Marx called for! Is this Marxism/Socialism or what? When you adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, it makes you a Socialist! Are you watching?

Did you know a conspiracy has been ongoing to create world government by causing our government to collapse? They said a GOAL was set that would not be compatible with our citizens. They said the majority must be moved to accept it through brainwashing. They said a means had to be devised to bypass all resistance. Once this is done, the world would become slaves to the elite rulers! Have we seen resistance to the New World Order disappear?

Did you know that those working for world government want to make us “docile people,” so we will offer no resistance? They want to eliminate all historic religious concepts, especially Christianity. They want a world organization to bring influence to bear upon every nation worldwide. They want to eliminate “artificial” political boundaries between nations. They want selected officials – not elected officials! Are you watching as Jesus said to do?

Did you know that those working for world government, called the Illuminati or worshipers of Lucifer, want to amalgamate all races, in a greatly reduced population? Did you know they want to control all transportation, communication, education, money, and agriculture, so they can control you? Did you know they need a management system to control such a massive undertaking? These trained men are CFR, TLC, Rhodes Scholars, etc. Are you watching?

Did you know that all the problems we have seen in America have been created to guarantee CHANGE? Who was “elected” president by calling for change? Waco and Ruby Ridge in the 1990s started the trouble that would lead to the final change to socialism. The first World Trade Center building and the Murrah Federal Building bombing was used and to usher in federal power! The World Trade Center bombing, called 9/11, was the finishing touch to accumulating power in Federal hands.

Did you know that the current economic problems were planned as far back as 1897 to bring the world to its knees and cry out for world government? Of course, the neo-conservatives will provide the solution, and the leader to get us out of this dire situation. China has already called for a one-world currency, and Spain for a one-world-government as soon as the economic crisis is over! Are we watching?

Did you know that psychopolitics has been used upon the American people to render us indifferent to the federal takeover of our once great republic? Psychopolitics is the art and science of obtaining and maintaining control over individuals and masses. It says that a degraded nation has no defense against conquest. A nation is only as principled as its people. By using uninhibited sex, you degrade a nation. What about movies and TV? Degradation!

Did you know that brainwashing is one element of psychopolitcs? Brainwashing is the term used that describes the process by which indoctrination is accomplished. A second element of psychopolitics is mind changing, which applies to the process of converting one set of values to another. Christianity’s principles have been changed to degradation by the use of raw sex, drugs, tension, threat of violence, violence, hunger, and fatigue.

Did you know that the conspiracy to destroy our country to prepare it to be merged into world government contains the following steps? 1) A collapse of government’s ability to provide needed services; 2) A crisis of major magnitude [such as 9/11]; 3) A catastrophe that has a physical effect on the community; 4) The corruption of local officials; 5) The high cost of government, and the desire for a higher level of services. Do we see these everywhere?

Did you know that the “Politics of CHANGE” was created by Charles Merriam during the Roosevelt administration and has been ongoing every since? It continued through the Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama administrations. The purpose for this “politics of change” is to change America from a constitutional republic to a socialist country in a controlled one-world-government. What did Obama call for? Change!

Barack Obama, in spite of being an Indonesian citizen and not constitutionally qualified to be president, will bring economic ruin to our nation. Hyperinflation will follow his spending of trillions of dollars. His Socialization of America will be easy with a Socialist Democratic House and Senate, with a few exceptions. There are no heroes in congress anymore to stand against the Roosevelts of our day – Barack Obama!!! He’s even tried to fool people into believing he is another Abraham Lincoln!!!

America, you are in deep trouble, yet the majority of the people rejoice to their own destruction! May God have mercy upon the true believers in Jesus Christ!!! The time is quickly coming when stating that Jesus is the ONLY name under heaven whereby men MUST be saved will be over! There will come a famine of the hearing of the words of the Lord (Amos 8: 11-12). Prepare your lives and keep watching!!!

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Written by Michael Cooper

January 24, 2009 at 3:24 pm

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