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Global crisis talks move to Davos

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Wars. Economic turmoil. Global poverty. The agenda is packed as
more than 2,500 of the world’s top business leaders and politicians
come to the Swiss mountain village of Davos to attend the World
Economic Forum, which starts this Wednesday.

The organisers are not bashful. This could be “one of the most important” annual meetings of the forum yet, they predict.

And they have a point. The annual Davos event – this year with
participants from over 90 countries – is not only a good opportunity to
get a feel for the global economy and political balance of power. 

To participants it also offers a chance to step back and take
stock of crisis and conflict, and gather ideas for tackling the world’s

The forum’s “theme” this year is fitting: shaping the post-crisis world.

The participants are taking to it with a vengeance, if the forum’s new system for reserving a place at sessions is any guide.

The first batch of tickets for sessions about the economic
crisis was snapped up within 10 minutes after the booking website

Humble pie

Critics, however, will point out that many of these problems
were actually caused by the powerful elite that flocks to Davos every

And with plenty of social activists in attendance, the event is
also likely to bring some reckoning, contrition, and large helpings of
humble pie.

Philip Jennings, general secretary of global trade union UNI,
said “we would not give a bonus to a factory worker who destroys the
production line or a programmer who introduces a bug into software, yet
all these bankers are being rewarded for watching while the industry
ran headlong into a meltdown”……….


Written by Michael Cooper

January 27, 2009 at 4:33 am

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