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Turley: “Obama ‘accessory’ to war crimes if no prosecution”

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David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Raw Story
Wednesday, Jan 28, 2009

280109featureA few weeks ago, George Washington University Constitutional Law professor Jonathan Turley, while appearing on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann, essentially said that the Obama administration would “own” any war crimes — such as the reported waterboarding of 9/11 suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — if it chose to look the other way. On Monday’s show Turley went a little further and suggested that if Obama impedes investigations or prosecution that he wouldn’t just be an “apologist,” but also an “accessory.”

Olbermann started the segment by reading a statement released by the Obama administration in response to last week’s allegations from a former NSA analyst that President Bush’s national security agency targeted news organizations for surveillance and even pried into personal records like finance and travel.”

The response stated, “As the president made clear [last week] his administration is ensuring that all programs are conducted in accordance with our values and the rule of law. There will be no exceptions.”

Olbermann noted that that was similar to claims made by Bush the last few years, insisting that “all programs were conducted consistent with our values and rule of law,” even though most experts have pointed out that methods such as waterboarding are considered torture, inhumane and against the law.

“How much daylight might there be between that and any of the analogs from the Bush White House?” Olbermann asked Turley, who immediately responded, “Not much.” Article continues

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Written by Michael Cooper

January 28, 2009 at 5:04 pm

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