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Author Tony Blankley tells Fox News we need a draft to survive

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By: George @ 6:38 PM – EST

Columnist Tony Blankley appears on Fox News to promote the idea of a “universal draft” in America.

“If we don’t do a lot of things smart and tough, we could get overwhelmed,” Blankley told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday. “We’ve failed to exploit our energy. We’re not paying enough attention to what our kids are learning — Bill Ayers is actually a senior person in guiding the curriculum design of America.”

One of Blankley’s more eye-catching proposals in American Grit is that all eighteen year olds should be subject to two years of required military service.

“I don’t like it, I love the volunteer army … but we don’t have enough troops,” Blankley explained. “When George Bush wanted to have the surge, he was told by the senior generals we didn’t have the extra 20,000 troops to finish the war. … Now Obama wants to go to Afghanistan … but he says we don’t have the troops unless we pull them out of Iraq. What happens if Pakistan goes jihad-y? We don’t have the troops to go in there and stop them from taking over the nuclear weapons.”

“If we had had enough troops in Iraq, we wouldn’t have lost 4,000 great young men and women,” Blankley concluded. “We needed to flood the field … with 300,000 troops occupying every village and every building and they would never have been able to rise up.”

Much of what Blankley says is based on common sense but had we just listened to the founding fathers we would have never extended the voluntary Armed Services in the first place and a discussion about a draft would not be necessary.

Video: Author Tony Blankley tells Fox News we need a draft to survive


Written by Michael Cooper

January 29, 2009 at 4:11 pm

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