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Foreclosure: Alamogordo standoff turns deadly

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By: Eyewitness News 4

State police said they found a man’s body in the driveway of a home where a SWAT standoff started Friday afternoon.
The man has not been identified and there is no word how he died.
The standoff entered its 20th hour Saturday morning as authorities called in the bomb squad to the home. Police say they spotted two propane tanks harnessed together as a possible improvised exploding device.
At least one officer was injured injured in the standoff at the Alamogordo home, but police say a woman inside the house is out safe.
The woman was forced out of the home with a robot, but she hasn’t been officially arrested. There is no word if she will face charges.
It all began when Otero County deputies went to the house around 11:15 Friday morning to serve eviction papers.
Neighbor Wesley Clark said the trouble started even before officers reached the doorstep.
“They didn’t even get a chance to serve those papers because they were fired upon before they ever approached the house,” he said.
Deputies said those shots hit at least one vehicle, shattering the windshield. One deputy was injured by the flying glass.
Investigators believe two to four people are inside with high-powered guns. People who live in the area call the homeowner an “unstable” man. They say he has a history of threatening to blow up the canyon where he lives and shooting neighbors.
The bad part is that you don’t know what he’s got inside, he’s walked around showing his guns before so he is a little off center,” Clark said.
Clark said the  homeowner hasn’t paid the mortgage in at least four years, forcing the home into foreclosure several months ago. And while Clark said it is not necessarily a “bad economy” that led to the scene, others in the small town have some sympathy.
“it just goes to show the tough economic times we live in and unfortunately some go over the edge.” neighbor Edward Lueras said.


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February 1, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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