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Concentration Camps

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Camps are being built across the U.S. that can only be concentration camps. (Is this why they are working so hard to take away the guns?) Hawthorne, Nevada is the home of a large military bomb/explosive/missle facility. My travels take me through Hawthorne as I travel from Las Vegas to Reno quite often. In the span of the last several months, I have seen HUNDREDS of warehouses go up; like 7-8 hundred. These warehouses are surrounded by chain-link, razorwire fences and resemble every modern prison anyone has seen. The warehouses are three story, a-frame roof, (resembling cell blocks for sure),no windows, and not wide enough to house any aircraft other than Cessna 172s.or similar small crafts. I cannot see room for elevators etc. for any type of bomb/missle storage handling. This bomb facility in Hawthorne is 99% underground bunkers. I dont think they are suddenly switching to above-ground bomb storage. Ill leave it to you to make any revelations and deductions. But first…….. to this you must add the fact that MANY steel companies, including Gunderson Steel in Portland are secretly building rail cars reminiscent of the Nazis, complete with shackles and guard shacks at each end.. My information is: 11 companies are building these railcars. Should any of you have additional information on these cars or the camps, please e-mail me.. In the case of the camps, please try and provide location as precisely as possible and any other pertinent info…..More



Written by Michael Cooper

February 2, 2009 at 5:16 pm

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