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Economic Collapse: Here it Comes

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….How hard was the fall and crash of the economy in recent months? The pension funds of U.S. companies held a 60 billion dollar surplus just one year ago. Now the funds that so many people depend upon for retirement are in the hole with a deficit of 409 billion dollars! (25) Many people will be unable to retire! In addition to that, Social Security is in trouble as admitted by Obama, and the baby boom generation is bringing 10,000 new applicants for Social Security every day! (26) With all of this going on, it is interesting to note that the United Autoworkers’ Union keeps and enjoys a $6 million golf course for members at a $33 million lakeside retreat! (27) It is one scam after another and honesty is now almost nonexistent.

The request for government bailouts continue constantly. The steel industry in America, which was once the backbone of our national growth, is now in a condition of collapse. They are hoping for a bailout. (28 The states of America are also bankrupt. Forty-seven of our fifty states are now completely bankrupt and are asking for Federal bailouts in the collective amount of $1 trillion, according to a report on CNN. (29) Also among the long list of enterprises that are requesting bailouts, there is one that is outrageous and reproachful. On January 8th, 2009, the pornography industry in the United States requested a government bailout of $5 billion of taxpayer money. (30) The smut industry claims that so many millions of people are watching and reading pornography on their computers that they are no longer buying magazines and DVD’s. They also said that America needs more pornography to keep the people entertained and happy. Without a doubt, the United States is a morally depraved nation with an appetite that demands hell’s menu. Soon it will all be over!


Written by Michael Cooper

February 2, 2009 at 8:38 am

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