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Justice for the Dead: Judge doubts BART cop’s “taser confusion” defense

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By: D. H. Williams @ 7:45 AM – EST

Michael Rains attorney for back shooting transit cop Johannes Mehserle, argued in court that his client meant to pull his taser when he shot and killed 22 year old Oscar Grant early in the morning on January 1, 2009. Grant who was face down at the time with Mehserle’s boot to his neck died when a .40 caliber bullet was fired into his back ricocheting off the concrete floor and entering a lung.

The taser defense has been expected as sources inside the Bay Area Transit Authority hinted that officer Mehserle was developing the story soon after the killing took place.

However Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson is doubtful of the taser defense setting Mehserle’s bail at $3 million dollars for fleaing to Nevada after the killing and due to “inconsistent stories” coming from the defendant.

Judge Jacobson said that because he believes Mehserle hasn’t been totally forthcoming about his actions he has “a lack of trust at promises that he will appear for future court hearings.”

The perpetrator and his fellow police officers are trying to paint Oscar Grant as threat to their lives claiming he would not move his hands from under his stomach as he laid face down in the transit station. Thus his failure to respond immediately to their demands was justification to use electrocution teaching him to obey authority.

In a reversal of the common defense used in every taser death on record police officers claim to be well trained and therefore not at fault. Mersherle presented documents to the court saying he only carried the model X-26 Taser between Eight and twelve times. Indicating this contributed to his confusion between his 30 plus oz. Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol and his 7 oz.model X-26 Taser pictured above.

Video: Associated Press

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