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Scams(Y2K/2012): global warming guru calls for forced abortions to save the Earth

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By: D. H. Williams @ 11:59 AM – EST

Jonathon Porritt chair of Britain’s Sustainable Development Commission wants government to place a two child limit in the UK.

Telling those who are concerned about “global warming, food, water, and energy scarcity” they should “stabilize” their own population through abortion and birth control. A report by the commission, to be published next month, will say that governments must reduce population growth through better family planning.

“I am unapologetic about asking people to connect up their own responsibility for their total environmental footprint and how they decide to procreate and how many children they think are appropriate,” Porritt said.

“I think we will work our way towards a position that says that having more than two children is irresponsible. It is the ghost at the table. We have all these big issues that everybody is looking at and then you don’t really hear anyone say the “p” word.”

Porrit who is also a promoter of the Carbon tax scheme founded a group called the Optimum Population Trust. According to the Optimum Population Trust – the Earth may not be able to support more than half its present numbers before the end of this century.

So clearly some people are just going to have to go. This blogger suggest Jonathon Porritt begin with himself. After all if he really believes the things he says it would be an act of great conviction.

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February 2, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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