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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
February 9, 2009

[NOTE: On July 2, 2008 Barack Obama in Colorado said, “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military.” Obama’s attorney-general Eric Holder on NBC’s This Week (May 2, 1999) said: “[The Second Amendment] talks about bearing arms in a well-regulated militia. And I don’t think anywhere it talks about an individual.” Since Holder doesn’t believe you as an individual have a right to bear arms, can you envision Obama’s civilian national security force knocking on your door and asking you to turn over any weapons you may have? What would you do?

Further to my recent column “If War Had Not Come In Fierce and Exaggerated Form,” the (London) Daily Mail on December 20, 2008 published “Secret of the Lusitania: Arms Find Challenges Allied Claims it was Solely a Passenger Ship.”]

Continuing with the final (political/New World Order) element of the Rockefeller plan, in David Rockefeller’s Memoirs (2002) he revealed on page 405 that he’s part of a “secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States,… conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will.” Of course, in David Brooks’ lengthy review of this book in The New York Times on October 20, 2002, there’s absolutely mention of this remarkable admission by Rockefeller.

Many believe Americans will never succumb to the Rockefeller plan. However, that’s why David Rockefeller praised Chairman Mao in his August 10, 1973 New York Times article, helping to open the door to Communist China and thus increasing its economic (and military) power. More recently, Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson had traveled to China 70 times and started the U.S.-China Strategic Cooperation and Communication Initiative. Paulson was formerly with Goldman-Sachs, which financially represents China in the U.S. in some important areas. In addition CFR member Paulson recently was given authority by Congress to use TARP (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act) money any way he saw fit, so Bank of America used $7 billion of their loan from Paulson to buy an interest in a Chinese bank (Citigroup used $10 billion to buy 44 Spanish toll roads).

How’s any of this supposed to help homeowners in the U.S. not default on their mortgages? It’s not! And where are we now in 2009? The Chinese are poised economically to begin to coerce the U.S. to restructure our education and economy in order to compete successfully globally. Recently on the national news, it was reported that BYD Auto Company of China would introduce soon its electric car which simply could be plugged into a wall socket overnight. An auto industry analyst said there are those in Detroit who are “sweating bullets” over this because BYD’s car will cost only $22,000 compared to the first American electric car which will cost about $40,000 when it’s introduced.

Since BYD has only been making cars about 5 years, how could they beat the U.S. with the first mass-produced electric car? It may well be because education in China is far more rigorous than in the U.S.

For example, there’s a small town in China named Zhenzhou which has a high school where its 10,000 students arrive at 6 AM for calisthenics and don’t leave school until 10 PM. In China, high school students take four years of biology, four years of chemistry and four years of physics, with the Senior year integrating all three subjects. Regarding math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and statistics are integrated in all four years of high school. Compare this to American students who never take four years of all these subjects.

In the workplace, I’ve already mentioned one town in China that specializes in the manufacture of neckties. Another town, Putian, is the largest shoe manufacturer in the world, and one-third of all shoes in the U.S. come from Putian.

In previous columns, I’ve mentioned how years ago I proposed a number of ways to improve elementary and secondary education in the U.S. Regarding higher education, about 30 years ago I proposed colleges offer courses called “Contemporary Cultures,” which would introduce students to the history, geography, culture (e.g., art and music), language, politics and economics of individual foreign nations. Had colleges done this, we may well not be in the dire position we are in today in terms of global competition. Now, it’s probably too late!

On the other hand, Chinese institutions of higher education have Departments of Entrepreneurship. This sounds contradictory for a “Communist” regime, but one must realize that David Rockefeller’s promotion of China over 35 years ago wasn’t because his ideal was for a nation of just communal peasants. The Rockefeller plan was rather that China would be the fulfillment of Frederick Gates’ “dream” of docile rural folk satisfied with their own lot and led by an educated elite. This would not only be a political elite, but a technical elite as well, such as those at BYD who beat Detroit in the mass production of an electric car……….



Written by Michael Cooper

February 9, 2009 at 4:14 pm

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