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Your Mortgage or Your Life…

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By Guest Author Michael White

The problem with putting your head in the sand is that you cannot see or hear. No sense gets in. Maybe this is a bright idea given the sad things we see today?  Yet you need to see and hear during a time of unrest and danger.

We are in that time now. Don’t lie to yourself that we are not in a time which may prove perilous. It has been perilous very recently and it may be again very soon. I stack up newspapers I don’t get too right away and occasionally race through maybe a week of them in an hour. I cherry pick the best stories.

One commentator I trust deeply is James B. Stewart at the Wall Street Journal. He writes the “SmartMoney” column. Mr. Stewart lives up to that name. Money managers as a group generously deserve our contempt and derision. Yet Mr. Stewart is an effective money manager and a great teacher and coach. You will make money and beat the index funds if you listen to him.

Last November he made the following observation of massive new government investment in the banking sector:

“These (injections of capital to the banking and financial system) should be good investments, since so much of the crisis is psychological, and values will rebound when confidence is restored.” (How Obama Can Fix the Economy, November 12th, 2008, Wall Street Journal).

I hope the paper didn’t make your doorstep that day.


Mr. Stewart could not have been more wrong. This crisis is not driven by a psychological dread like the fear of death or ex-girlfriends. This crisis is driven by very real facts which correctly induce fear. Even paranoids have enemies, and even the great American banks can bankrupt themselves. When they do they can take the whole world tumbling down. The world is tumbling……..


Written by Michael Cooper

February 9, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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4 Responses

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