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By Attorney Constance Cumbey
February 15, 2009

In April, 1981, in one evening, I was to write these words which later were to become much maligned in certain Christian circles — ones I was to eventually learn had deeply compromised with New Age/Apostate interests such as Paul N. Temple and his Institute of Noetic Sciences as well as Rev. Moon and his Unification Church. They were to become part of a chapter in my 1983 released book, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. They were part of a chapter entitled “THE AGE OF AQUARIUS? OR THE AGE OF THE ANTICHRIST.” If you have my book which has been out of print since Huntington House went out of business in 2003, you will find this chapter from pages 36 to 43. These words were brought to mind by learning that today Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Russian Prime Minister and open devotee (per Wayne Peterson) of “Maitreya the Christ”, introduced a resolution into the European Parliament for a World Water Authority.

Here was what I wrote then in a book which frankly seems more current today:


The goals of the Movement include a mandatory New World Religion [happening rapidly with the establishment of the UN based Alliance of Civilizations with cooperation from United Religions and similar groups], establishment of a “universal credit card” system, establishment of a World Water Authority, World Health Authority, WORLD WATER AUTHORITY [emphasis added]; establishment of a universal tax and a universal draft which is truly universal — everybody is eligible worldwide.

“The Movement” is not new. Neither is it a passing fad. Sadly, most of its participants are innocently involved. Many are under the influence of sophisticated forms of mind control [such as those promoted by claimed “Christian” Paul N. Temple” who is also the co-founder and chief bankroller of the Institute of Noetic Sciences” as well as bankroller for the National Prayer Breakfast/International Foundation/”Fellowship Foundation” of Doug Coe and company]

“The Mein Kampfs of the Movement are numerous and becoming daily less subtle. Disciples of the Movement speak proudly of having received a ‘vision of light.” Many speak openly of their planned welcome for the antichrist or “Maitreya the Christ.” [Gorbachev himself, per Wayne Peterson]

As was indicated earlier the Movement was even bold enough to run full-page newspaper ads proclaiming ‘THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE.’ [Now they are running similar ads and stories again appearing in such places as THE NATION Magazine, WALL STREET JOURNAL press releases, MOTHER JONES MAGAZINE, etc.] They openly deny that Jesus is the Christ and instead proclaim the deity of a “Maitreya the Christ” and that Jesus is his disciple! They openly worship a “God of Force” and “forces.” [as Daniel 11:38 clearly prophesied would happen, at least to the final end time dictator]. Characterized by common mystical experiences , many of their number possess a plethora of psychic powers enabling them to indeed show ‘great signs and wonders’ ranging from astral travel to psychic predictions.

Many among their number encourage the internal undermining of nations and they proudly proclaim the ‘subversiveness’ of their Movement as if such a designation were a badge of honor. WHILE THEY CALL FOR THE DIVISION OF LARGE NATION STATES SUCH AS CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES [partitioning part of the country off as “Ecotopia,” etc.], at the same time they call for the institution of a Planetary Guidance System or other form of world government [These days they often refer to it as “global governance” — same difference!] While they promote simple life-styles, at the same time they call for the interconnecting of the entire world by incredibly sophisticated computers with snooping capabilities that are Orwellian in scope [res ipsa loquitur — they have achieved that via the internet for sure!]

Thankfully, some New Agers repented and came forward to warn the rest of us. Others such as Donald Keys who were bold and brash figures in the 1980s appear to have disappeared from the scene — perhaps STILL working underground…..more


Written by Michael Cooper

February 15, 2009 at 6:50 am

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