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Gerald Celente- The Greatest Depression EVER

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The latest prediction from Gerald Celente….if this doesn’t open your eyes to the conditions in America and around the world, nothing will. You wont read this in your local paper. You wont see this on your local news. They don’t want to alarm you. They want you to keep going to Disneyland and Walmart. They want to suck you dry and line their pockets until there is nothing left but dust in the wind. If you are aware you know just how bad it really is. You know what the government of Amerika isn’t telling you.

Hell…,I’m surprised Gerald is still breathing…

February 10, 2009– In 2009 were going to see the worst economic collapse ever, the Greatest Depression, says Gerald Celente, U.S. trend forecaster. He believes its going to be very violent in the U.S., including there being a tax revolt.


Written by Michael Cooper

February 15, 2009 at 9:04 pm

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