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When you mentioned the word surreal in your recent vlog “Economic-Political “Gloom, Doom & Truth”: A question for YOU to answer” (below) I could immediately relate. I’ve been researching and gathering puzzle pieces since 1999 and the more pieces I gather the foggier my mind seems to get. As if I’m walking around in a fog. Surreal.

From what I’ve gathered over the years I believe that they don’t care that the truth is coming out and possibly the powers that be are the ones who actually let the cat out of the bag.

They know that when a person digests the reality of what is going on behind closed doors it creates a deer in the headlights effect. Fear. Yes we get angry and depressed wanting to do something to bring this monster down, but only in fantasy.

We come to realize that this monster is very big and very real not to mention ruthless.

The war is being fought in the mind and they are winning because we continue to sit and do nothing as evidence of their crimes pile up before our eyes.

They knew we would discover the truth about 9/11 but they didn’t care. They knew we would do nothing as long as we could still watch our TV, search the net, buy our food and so on.

A friend are preparing to flee the city but we still wait for the “big sign” to go live in the wilderness. Comfort stops us from doing what we all probably should have done by now…Flee. – Demons and Dialog


Written by Michael Cooper

February 17, 2009 at 4:39 am

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