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Martial Law ALERT! Pastor Told by Military Officer: Start Stocking Weapons, ammo, and Food

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This information was acquired today, March 11, 2009

About 1 year ago a friend of mine approached the pastor of a local church he was attending here in northern California about the strong possibility of martial law being declared in a future United States catastrophe or possibly by economic collapse. When my friend finished explaining his thoughts about what was coming, the pastor shrugged it off as conspiracy theory and said rather confidently, “We need martial law.”

Today, as my friend was driving through town, he got the urge to go in and see if the pastor was in and if possibly he had changed his mind in light of all the grim economic news being reported. To his shock the pastor did a complete 180 degree turn on what he had previously believed.

The pastor proceeded to tell my friend that a Lt. Colonel of the United States military called his family, who attends his church, and told them that when Barak Obama became president he put the entire military on martial law alert.

He then said the Officer told his family to begin stocking up on weapons and ammo as well as food and water.

The pastor then told my friend that he was in the process of securing a firearm that is unregistered for reasons we all know of course. Please forward this warning – michael144

Isa 52:15 – “So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.”

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Putting 1 Trillion Dollars in Perspective/29,000 B.C.

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With the word trillion be passed around like it’s nothing more than a drop in the bucket to the “richness” of America, let’s take a look at the number 1 trillion and what it really means.

Going back in history 1 billion seconds will take you back just over 31 years. So you will probably say that 1 trillion seconds will go back, [what?] to the dark ages? WRONG!

Going back in history 1 trillion seconds would take you back…[Are you sitting down?] to 29,000 B.C. Did you get that? That’s 29,000 years before the year 1 A.D

George W. Bush doubled the debt from 5 trillion to 10 trillion in 8 short years. If you were to print 1 of those dollars every second it would take 310 thousand years to reach 10 trillion dollars. The national debt, counting total future liabilities, is around 55 trillion dollars.

Now do you see the magnitude of criminal behavior going on in Washington D.C.

You are being sold into slavery. Now ponder what they are saying about the total amount of money tied up in derivatives: Over 1 quadrillion which translates to over 1,000 trillion dollars.

You don’t really own that coffee table you just “bought.”

To pay off our 55 trillion dollar debt 100 million Americans making $100 dollars an hour, working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks in the year, it would take almost 3  years to pay off the 55 trillion dollar debt….giving up every dime we made!

Obama has an over 3 trillion dollar budget proposed in under 2 months of being President.

Remember, 1 trillion seconds ago it was 29,000 B.C. – michael144

The Answer to the New World Order

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For the longest time I’ve been digging up news and history frantically trying to wake people up to this evil new world order. But the longer I sat in the bloody mess of this elite kingdom the more jaded and frankly hateful I have become. That is until I watched this video. This is the answer to the new world order. I hope this pulls you out of the mire as it did me. Please listen to Louie Giglio – Michael

Parts 2-5

Alex Jones thwarts “invasion & gun confiscation” exercise in Iowa

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By: D. H. Williams @ 7:35 AM – EST

The Iowa National Guard has canceled a planned “cordon and search” raid planned for April 2-5.

According to spokesman Sgt. Mike Kots, readiness NCO Company A, 1st Battalion – 121st Infantry his unit had planned on a 4 day training operation in a small Iowa town where they would raid suspected weapons dealers and conduct gun confiscations against U.S. citizens.

“One of the techniques we use in today’s political environment is cordon and knock,” Kots explained. “We ask for the head of the household, get permission to search, then have them open doors and cupboards. The homeowner maintains control. We peer over their shoulder, and the soldier uses the homeowner’s body language and position to protect him.”

Commanders of the Iowa National Guard had hoped to conduct military operations among the civilian population in the town of Arcadia to include “road blocking portions of the town and searching homes and vehicles,” that is until their plans where given national exposure by syndicated talk show host Alex Jones.

The story first broke in the Daily Times herald of Carroll, Iowa and was quickly picked up and catapulted into the national spotlight by Infowars publisher and radio host Alex Jones. Mr. Jones immediately procured a telephone interview with Iowa National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. Greg Hapgood. Hapgood told the Infowars listening audience that taking over an American town to conduct martial law training was normal and perfectly acceptable, contradicting of over 100 years of law and military tradition established at the end of the U.S. Civil War.

Mr. Jones who was clearly disappointed in Lt. Col. Hapgood’s explanation of why a military exercise pitting U.S. Forces against U.S. citizens was a good idea called on his highly educated and knowledgeable audience to contact authorities in Iowa and express their concerns over what appears to be a martial law preparedness drill.

In less than 24 hours Lt. Col. Hapgood would tell World Net Daily that the operation was scaled back and no longer involves the invasion of Arcadia. Hapgood claims the change in plans was based on troop evaluation and not public outcry.

A big round of applause goes out to Alex Jones, his staff and the millions of freedom loving Americans determined to protect our Constitution.

Video: Iowa National Guard Interview Part 1 of 2

Video: Iowa National Guard Interview par 2 of 2

Daily Newscaster

Written by Michael Cooper

February 24, 2009 at 4:03 pm

The Corbett Report: The New Media

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A new media is rising to displace the old corporate controlled media paradigm. But what is the new media, what is it replacing, and what challenges does it face? This week we talk to radio hosts, webmasters, activists and infowarriors to find out more about the new grassroots internet-based citizen journalism phenomenon.

Also this week, I\’d like to feature our video promoting my interview with Alex Jones. In this extract from our interview, Alex Jones addresses the citizen journalism phenomenon and some of the challenges it faces.  Please help to spread this link around the internet.

Written by Michael Cooper

February 22, 2009 at 5:07 pm