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Martial Law ALERT! Pastor Told by Military Officer: Start Stocking Weapons, ammo, and Food

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This information was acquired today, March 11, 2009

About 1 year ago a friend of mine approached the pastor of a local church he was attending here in northern California about the strong possibility of martial law being declared in a future United States catastrophe or possibly by economic collapse. When my friend finished explaining his thoughts about what was coming, the pastor shrugged it off as conspiracy theory and said rather confidently, “We need martial law.”

Today, as my friend was driving through town, he got the urge to go in and see if the pastor was in and if possibly he had changed his mind in light of all the grim economic news being reported. To his shock the pastor did a complete 180 degree turn on what he had previously believed.

The pastor proceeded to tell my friend that a Lt. Colonel of the United States military called his family, who attends his church, and told them that when Barak Obama became president he put the entire military on martial law alert.

He then said the Officer told his family to begin stocking up on weapons and ammo as well as food and water.

The pastor then told my friend that he was in the process of securing a firearm that is unregistered for reasons we all know of course. Please forward this warning – michael144

Isa 52:15 – “So shall he sprinkle many nations; the kings shall shut their mouths at him: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider.”

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Radio chips coming soon to your driver’s license?

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Radio chips coming soon to your driver’s license?

Privacy advocates are issuing warnings about a new radio chip plan that ultimately could provide electronic identification for every adult in the U.S. and allow agents to compile attendance lists at anti-government rallies simply by walking through the assembly.

The proposal, which has earned the support of Janet Napolitano, the newly chosen chief of the Department of Homeland Security, would embed radio chips in driver’s licenses, or “enhanced driver’s licenses.”

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Written by Michael Cooper

February 28, 2009 at 5:58 pm

Preparing for mass graves and martial law

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Daily newscaster reports that an Indiana county municipal official near Chicago revealed the contents of his meetings with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. He said in an audio interview, the initial requests seem reasonable enough . FEMA asked the county officials to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan to deal with flooding, fires, high winds and tornadoes. But in required meetings with FEMA and the DHS over two years their request become more unusual, raising suspicions of county officials.

In December 2008 municipal officials went to Indianapolis for a briefing.

They were told if industry were to collapse; for example GM going bankrupt resulting in mass unemployment a depression would soon follow and municipalities could expect to loose 40% of their funds. The county should prepare a plan to vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours and practice the plan several times.

FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere.

The sheriff’s department via the state sheriff association was told that no .223 ammunition rounds would be available as the military would be purchasing all stocks.The county was asked to make plans for “hardening” of police and fire stations, putting in hardened bunker type buildings around town. The county was asked to make plans for the possibility of up to 400,000 refugees from Chicago. And Every county in the nation would be required to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan…. More

Written by Michael Cooper

February 22, 2009 at 6:15 pm


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When you mentioned the word surreal in your recent vlog “Economic-Political “Gloom, Doom & Truth”: A question for YOU to answer” (below) I could immediately relate. I’ve been researching and gathering puzzle pieces since 1999 and the more pieces I gather the foggier my mind seems to get. As if I’m walking around in a fog. Surreal.

From what I’ve gathered over the years I believe that they don’t care that the truth is coming out and possibly the powers that be are the ones who actually let the cat out of the bag.

They know that when a person digests the reality of what is going on behind closed doors it creates a deer in the headlights effect. Fear. Yes we get angry and depressed wanting to do something to bring this monster down, but only in fantasy.

We come to realize that this monster is very big and very real not to mention ruthless.

The war is being fought in the mind and they are winning because we continue to sit and do nothing as evidence of their crimes pile up before our eyes.

They knew we would discover the truth about 9/11 but they didn’t care. They knew we would do nothing as long as we could still watch our TV, search the net, buy our food and so on.

A friend are preparing to flee the city but we still wait for the “big sign” to go live in the wilderness. Comfort stops us from doing what we all probably should have done by now…Flee. – Demons and Dialog

Written by Michael Cooper

February 17, 2009 at 4:39 am

Flight 3407 Victim, Beverly Eckert, Was Actually a 9/11 Activist

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A 2003 editorial:
“My Silence Cannot Be Bought” by Beverly Eckert

I’ve chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Instead, I want to know what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems that a band of religious fanatics was able to turn four U.S passenger jets into an enemy force, attack our cities and kill 3,000 civilians with terrifying ease. I want to know why two 110-story skyscrapers collapsed in less than two hours and why escape and rescue options were so limited.

I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues, including congressional hearings and the 9/11 commission, my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence.

The victims fund was not created in a spirit of compassion. Rather, it was a tacit acknowledgement by Congress that it tampered with our civil justice system in an unprecedented way. Lawmakers capped the liability of the airlines at the behest of lobbyists who descended on Washington while the Sept. 11 fires still smoldered.

And this liability cap protects not just the airlines, but also World Trade Center builders, safety engineers and other defendants.

The caps on liability have consequences for those who want to sue to shed light on the mistakes of 9/11. It means the playing field is tilted steeply in favor of those who need to be held accountable. With the financial consequences other than insurance proceeds removed, there is no incentive for those whose negligence contributed to the death toll to acknowledge their failings or implement reforms. They can afford to deny culpability and play a waiting game.

By suing, I’ve forfeited the “$1.8 million average award” for a death claim I could have collected under the fund. Nor do I have any illusions about winning money in my suit. What I do know is I owe it to my husband, whose death I believe could have been avoided, to see that all of those responsible are held accountable. If we don’t get answers to what went wrong, there will be a next time. And instead of 3,000 dead, it will be 10,000. What will Congress do then?

read the whole story:

Written by Michael Cooper

February 15, 2009 at 5:11 pm

Shame: Blackwater dumps tarnished brand name

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RALEIGH, N.C. – Blackwater Worldwide is abandoning its tarnished brand name as it tries to shake a reputation battered by oft-criticized work in Iraq, renaming its family of two dozen businesses under the name Xe.

The parent company’s new name is pronounced like the letter “z.” Blackwater Lodge & Training Center — the subsidiary that conducts much of the company’s overseas operations and domestic training — has been renamed U.S. Training Center Inc., the company said Friday.

The decision comes as part of an ongoing rebranding effort that grew more urgent following a September 2007 shooting in Iraq that left at least a dozen civilians dead. Blackwater president Gary Jackson said in a memo to employees the new name reflects the change in company focus away from the business of providing private security.

“The volume of changes over the past half-year have taken the company to an exciting place and we are now ready for two of the final, and most obvious changes,” Jackson said in the note.

In his memo, Jackson indicated the company was not interested in actively pursuing new private security contracts. Jackson and other Blackwater executives told The Associated Press last year it was shifting its focus away from such work to focus on training and providing logistics.

“This company will continue to provide personnel protective services for high-threat environments when needed by the U.S. government, but its primary mission will be operating our training facilities around the world, including the flagship campus in North Carolina,” Jackson said.

The company has operated under the Blackwater name since 1997, when chief executive Erik Prince and some of his former Navy SEAL colleagues launched it in northeastern North Carolina, naming their new endeavor for the area swamp streams that run black with murky water. But the name change underscores how badly the Moyock-based company’s brand was damaged by its work in Iraq.

In 2004, four of its contractors were killed in an insurgent ambush in Fallujuah, with their bodies burned, mutiliated and strung from a bridge. The incident triggered a U.S. siege of the restive city.

The September 2007 shooting in Baghdad’s Nisoor Square added to the damage. The incident infuriated politicians both in Baghdad in Washington, triggering congressional hearings and increasing calls that the company be banned from operating in Iraq.

Last month, Iraqi leaders said they would not renew Blackwater’s license to operate there, citing the lingering outrage over the shooting in Nisoor Square, and the State Department said later it will not renew Blackwater’s contract to protect diplomats when it expires in May.

Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said the company made the name change was largely because of changes in its focus, but acknowledged the need for the company to shake its past in Iraq.

“It’s not a direct result of a loss of contract, but certainly that is an aspect of our work that we feel we were defined by,” Tyrrell said.

Yahoo! News

Written by Michael Cooper

February 13, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Justice for the Dead: Judge doubts BART cop’s “taser confusion” defense

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By: D. H. Williams @ 7:45 AM – EST

Michael Rains attorney for back shooting transit cop Johannes Mehserle, argued in court that his client meant to pull his taser when he shot and killed 22 year old Oscar Grant early in the morning on January 1, 2009. Grant who was face down at the time with Mehserle’s boot to his neck died when a .40 caliber bullet was fired into his back ricocheting off the concrete floor and entering a lung.

The taser defense has been expected as sources inside the Bay Area Transit Authority hinted that officer Mehserle was developing the story soon after the killing took place.

However Alameda County Superior Court Judge Morris Jacobson is doubtful of the taser defense setting Mehserle’s bail at $3 million dollars for fleaing to Nevada after the killing and due to “inconsistent stories” coming from the defendant.

Judge Jacobson said that because he believes Mehserle hasn’t been totally forthcoming about his actions he has “a lack of trust at promises that he will appear for future court hearings.”

The perpetrator and his fellow police officers are trying to paint Oscar Grant as threat to their lives claiming he would not move his hands from under his stomach as he laid face down in the transit station. Thus his failure to respond immediately to their demands was justification to use electrocution teaching him to obey authority.

In a reversal of the common defense used in every taser death on record police officers claim to be well trained and therefore not at fault. Mersherle presented documents to the court saying he only carried the model X-26 Taser between Eight and twelve times. Indicating this contributed to his confusion between his 30 plus oz. Glock .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol and his 7 oz.model X-26 Taser pictured above.

Video: Associated Press

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Written by Michael Cooper

February 2, 2009 at 3:03 pm

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